I love to tell stories about the enjoyment of life, to small or large groups. Tales are selected to suit the needs and interests of the group. I also encourage people to share their stories.


See below for proposed topics, or suggest your own.

The goal is to help people handle the challenges of aging. This requires some preparation, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Don't you think?

In a recent talk to a seniors group at the Raleigh United Methodist Church, a lady approached me after the session to say, "Kevin, I really enjoyed your stories. You made people laugh, who I'd never seen smile before."

This both surprised and encouraged me to further develop my story-telling skills. Learning new things keeps us young at heart.

  • I can be reached at (919) 357-3226 or olddogintraining@gmail.com

  • I live in Carrboro, North Carolina.

  • Fee: $0 to $100, depending on the situation.

  • Long distance trips would need to be negotiated.

Suggested Topics

  • How to train for aging, the ultimate endurance sport, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual training. Lessons from a life of physical and mental training, including Ironman and multiple other sports, a life as a successful (happy) veterinary scientist, while weathering the usual challenges of life, relationships, and children.

  • A curious journey from paleo to vegan with stops in between. Food, nutrition, and smart choices without sacrificing flavor.

  • From the sheep that set the barn on fire to the rat that turned me into a vegan. Stories about the animals with whom we share this planet.

  • How pain saved my life. Experiences and perspectives on how pain can help you to cope with the challenges we all face.

  • What if you lost your sense of smell. About how our noses work, the importance of olfaction, and how it may be damaged by pollutants in the environment.

  • Competing in the Ironman in your 70s. Ironman training and what it takes to remain injury-free, while enjoying this great sport.

  • Coping with the news that you have a major health challenge. Lessons learned from a life-threatening abdominal aortic aneurysm, which I found in 2010, thanks to an Ironman race - or I'd be dead, that's for sure.

  • How to survive in science. Valuable lessons learned from a successful career of 40 years. It really was fun!